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Code identification


Scanomedia is the new fast and mobile way of communicating and directing mobile users to information on the Internet.

The user only has to scan the QR code or type the internet address indicate on a sign, poster or on a document; and enter the  6 digits code to be redirected to an internet link.

The link code can be changed remotely by his owner anytime and anywhere, so the same code can serve thousands of times.

For example, a poster for the sale of a house, the owner will be able to redirect the prospec to a video or complete record of the house, and when it is sold, he will be able to use the same code for a new property.

A Code with Many possibilities


By signing up, you choose a 6 digit code available with a username and password to access to ControSigns control panel which will allow you to direct your code to an online link with your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.

Subsequently you have the choice of more than 50 domains with their respective QR codes which can be used for display, advertising, promotional items, product identification, documents, newspapers and Magazine and more.

For example, a apartment owner could use the domain with the QR code of this domain and insert his 6-digit code with a link to a listing of apartment  online , a Classified ad  or on video.

The prospect interested has 2 options: scan directly the QR code with the camera of his smartphone ,  or visit the website and enters the code of 6 digit and view the Link online.

And when the apartment is rent the owner can use the sign for other properties, and that thousands of times.

This is just one example, imagine infinite possibilities for your code.

3 easy step to use Scanomedia

1-Choose a domain name for your sign title

2-Choose the QR code image to match with the domain



3- Check if the 6 digits code that you want is available

check for 6 digits code

Easy Control panel

Safe online access

Easy and quick control panel online


Easy like 1-2-3  you have all component to make a dynamic sign 

You have the domain name, The QR Code Image and your 6 digits code



Help to preserve the planet

Our plan


You can get your 6-digit code and your online access to the control panel, and rights to use more than 50 domain names for only $ 99.95 USD per year or $ 9.95 USD per month.

You can save money on posting, printing , traveling and helping to protect our planet by polluting less.

We invite you to read our policy of use to redirect links and their contents.

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