Proximity Mobile Media

ScanoMedia is the new rapid communication media in proximity marketing, designed to engage mobile internet users and direct them to information on the internet.
The user has two choices: they can scan the QR code using their smartphone's camera or go to and enter a 6-digit code to discover the associated internet link.
This link, which connects to the code, is not final. It can be changed remotely by its owner at any time, whether it be via a smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac, thanks to the online ControlSigns application.
Thus, the same code can be used thousands of times for different purposes. ScanoMedia is ideal for various fields such as real estate, events, retail, industry, municipal markets, the automotive market, tourism, catering, and many more.
Moreover, with the 6-digit code, the QR code can be transmitted online even if it was received on a phone screen. This flexibility allows for even more direct and practical interaction with the consumer.
We are also exploring other technologies such as NFC and SMS, and can combine them with virtual presenters, thereby enriching the user experience and expanding the possibilities of marketing communication.

Usages for all markets

Whether it's for the municipal, commercial, real estate, industrial, automotive, restaurant, and many other markets, SCANOMEDIA is the perfect tool to transform static displays into dynamic ones.


By signing up, you can choose a unique 6-digit code along with a username and password to access your online control panel, Control Signs. This panel enables you to direct your code to an online link from anywhere in the world.

Subsequently, you can incorporate the QR code for display purposes, advertising, promotional items, product identification, documents, packaging, newspapers, magazines, and much more.

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